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Android App release!

Hi guys! We just released CINEMOOD remote application for Android.


Update 413


We have little update.

We fixed some Bluetooth related issues, now it’s work better.

Implemented YouTube casting device switcher. You can find it in YouTube menu in your CINEMOOD. Just look at this:

We also fixed volume in YouTube casting. Now volume will be automatically corrected to higher value when you enable YouTube casting.


Thanks and stay tuned!

Update 390

Hello guys!

We have supermassive black hole update with very cool features that we promised.

So, get ready! Three, Two, One! Go!

We completely reworked user interface of CINEMOOD , now it have better smooth interface, better performance, better user experience, much more stability and cool new features!


Look at this! Now you can connect your CINEMOOD to PC or Mac (don’t forget install this tool), throw you files directly to your CINEMOOD and watch content without any additional devices required.


Now you can setup sleep timer and don’t worry about shutdown CINEMOOD when you child fall  asleep.


Also we moved some content related with “Shadow Mood” to “Play” section for better accessibility:


Stay tuned for some new features in nearest future! 😉

Update 374

Hello, guys! We just released some updates.

Turn off lights in your room and press star button on CINEMOOD when you in main menu for some cool feature! 😉

We updated Yandex.Radio interface for save our cosmic atmosphere

We also fixed some issues with keyboard for better.

Stay tuned! 😉

Update 368

Yo! There is very cool feature ready!

We implemented Keystone Correction!

You do not have to keep your CINEMOOD at right angles to the wall, ceiling or floor! Just use it as you want.

We made some color correction, now image looks more saturated on any type of content.

Also, we improved Bluetooth connection, now it works much better.

Update 346

Hello, guys! We have something for you here!

We prepared cool update that dramatically increase performance for your CINEMOOD!

Also we make some tuning to power management, and now you CINEMOOD will work longer from battery.

As well we have an update for Russian friends. We have released a new app Yandex.Radio.


Stay tuned! 😉

Update 317

Yes, yes, yes, we did it, folks! You’ve been waiting. You’ve got it 💪

YouTube casting is now implemented, and here are the three steps you have to follow to start casting.

  • Go through the navigation menu and look for the STREAM icon. Press it.

  • After press the YouTube icon.

  • Now you are almost close. Choose your phone, or computer, or tablet  to start casting. As well, check that your phone or other devices you want to cast via are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as CINEMOOD.

More news! We’ve just released the firmware update 317 with some features:

  • Now you can change the volume of CINEMOOD and check the battery status in your mobile app (from 1.3 version of mobile app). Don’t forget to download the CINEMOOD Remote app.
  • Power consumption reduced.
  • Some stability improvements.
  • New applications update screen! Now you will know when your CINEMOOD updates applications.

If you have any issues with the product, please refer directly to our team at

And don’t forget to share with us your CINEMOOD moments with the hashtag #My_CINEMOOD.

That’s all!

CINEMOOD iOS Application & Update 287

Hello guys,

We have something interesting for you.


  • CINEMOOD Remote app is now available in the Apple’s AppStore.

In this release you can remotely navigate the menu and adjust the image focus.

All you have to do is click the pic below to send you straight to it:

  • Play mode is here. Remember our Hand Shadow Puppet Show tutorials? Now you can create your own shadows by turning on the Play mode. Press Play and  CINEMOOD will project onto the wall white screen at you can experiment away.

  • Remote Keyboard Support implemented, now you can use your phone with the CINEMOOD app to enter text much easier (Wi-Fi password input for example). This feature will be available in 1.2 version iOS App.
  • More improvements in Over-The-Air Updates logic! Now we can update CINEMOOD apps inside separately from the firmware. It’s much faster than previous OTA mechanism.

Stay tuned! And wait for more updates! 😉

Update 265

Hello, guys!

We just released the firmware update with new very cool features inside!

  • Over-The-Air Updates improvements. We really want that all of you use our newest software.
  • We fixed some disconnect and resume download problems in this update.
  • We ran Content Delivery Network (CDN) for our files. Now the downloading process of firmware will take much less time.
  • Bluetooth Audio implemented! Now you can use your Bluetooth headphones or portable acoustic:


Stay tuned!

Welcome to CINEMOOD developer’s blog!

It’s nice to see you around guys!

To keep you updated on the CINEMOOD’s latest tech news and crucial information about your own mini cinema, we’ve decided to launch this blog. Here we will post reviews of the CINEMOOD’s software updates, upcoming features and more.

And the first post is about how to properly update your CINEMOOD if you have struggled lately to do it.

Actually, CINEMOOD can update itself over-the-air via Wi-Fi, but if your device have problems you can do it manually with this step-by-step instruction:

  1. Put special_flag (<- yes, this is a link, press to download) and UPDATE (<- and this is link too, press to download) to root folder of your USB flash drive.
    1. Yes, special_flag is only file without data (0KB size)
    2. You DON’T need unzip firmware file! Just put it on drive.
    3. After all manipulations your flash drive should contain special_flag and in root folder of your USB flash drive.
  2. Turn on your CINEMOOD and wait until it completely boots (when the screen with navigation menu LISTEN, WATCH, READ appears).
  3. Plug in your USB flash drive to CINEMOOD via USB-OTG cable.
  4. Wait until CINEMOOD do some work, restarts twice and install an update.

Enjoy! 🙂

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