It’s nice to see you around guys!

To keep you updated on the CINEMOOD’s latest tech news and crucial information about your own mini cinema, we’ve decided to launch this blog. Here we will post reviews of the CINEMOOD’s software updates, upcoming features and more.

And the first post is about how to properly update your CINEMOOD if you have struggled lately to do it.

Actually, CINEMOOD can update itself over-the-air via Wi-Fi, but if your device have problems you can do it manually with this step-by-step instruction:

  1. Put special_flag (<- yes, this is a link, press to download) and UPDATE (<- and this is link too, press to download) to root folder of your USB flash drive.
    1. Yes, special_flag is only file without data (0KB size)
    2. You DON’T need unzip firmware file! Just put it on drive.
    3. After all manipulations your flash drive should contain special_flag and in root folder of your USB flash drive.
  2. Turn on your CINEMOOD and wait until it completely boots (when the screen with navigation menu LISTEN, WATCH, READ appears).
  3. Plug in your USB flash drive to CINEMOOD via USB-OTG cable.
  4. Wait until CINEMOOD do some work, restarts twice and install an update.

Enjoy! 🙂