Hello guys,

We have something interesting for you.


  • CINEMOOD Remote app is now available in the Apple’s AppStore.

In this release you can remotely navigate the menu and adjust the image focus.

All you have to do is click the pic below to send you straight to it:

  • Play mode is here. Remember our Hand Shadow Puppet Show tutorials? Now you can create your own shadows by turning on the Play mode. Press Play and  CINEMOOD will project onto the wall white screen at you can experiment away.

  • Remote Keyboard Support implemented, now you can use your phone with the CINEMOOD app to enter text much easier (Wi-Fi password input for example). This feature will be available in 1.2 version iOS App.
  • More improvements in Over-The-Air Updates logic! Now we can update CINEMOOD apps inside separately from the firmware. It’s much faster than previous OTA mechanism.

Stay tuned! And wait for more updates! 😉