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Update 390

Hello guys!

We have supermassive black hole update with very cool features that we promised.

So, get ready! Three, Two, One! Go!

We completely reworked user interface of CINEMOOD , now it have better smooth interface, better performance, better user experience, much more stability and cool new features!


Look at this! Now you can connect your CINEMOOD to PC or Mac (don’t forget install this tool), throw you files directly to your CINEMOOD and watch content without any additional devices required.


Now you can setup sleep timer and don’t worry about shutdown CINEMOOD when you child fall  asleep.


Also we moved some content related with “Shadow Mood” to “Play” section for better accessibility:


Stay tuned for some new features in nearest future! 😉

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  1. Thank you Team!!!
    Most awaiting update!!!

  2. How does My Stories work? I can’t find any info on how to use this. Also it says in this blog you can link android phone to Pc but the link is for linking android to Mac. Is it possible to link android phone to Pc to send material to My stories on Cinemood. A comprehensive instruction manual would be useful…

  3. I can’t figure out how to get the downloaded Netflix movies onto the Cinemood. I don’t have a Mac, I’m on a PC.

  4. I downloaded Android File Transfer, connected my macbook air and cinemood, but I keep getting an error. It doesn’t work.

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